Improving the well-being of children and young people through sport

The McClay Foundation is involved in a number of local and international initiatives to advance health and wellbeing.

The following project is working to promote positive mental health and well-being through sport in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

This project inspires and supports various junior teams, vulnerable adults and mental health groups in the Craigavon area and wider community.

Pat McGibbon, Project Coordinator, TRAIN 2B SMART

TRAIN 2 B SMART (TTBS) works to promote positive mental health and well-being through sport in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, an area in which many vulnerable young people live in economic and social deprivation.

Founder Pat McGibbon is a former professional footballer who played with Manchester United, Wigan Athletic and Northern Ireland from 1992 – 2002. Sadly, during that time his brother Phillip took his own life, after which Pat returned home to Northern Ireland.

Pat’s passion for improving the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children and young adults stems from his passion for sport, his family, and the loss of his brother Phillip.

Pat now speaks publicly about mental health issues, with the aim of increasing mental health awareness, reducing the associated stigma and promoting health and well-being through sport.

Photo gallery

  • Sir Alex Ferguson at Craigavon Civic Centre

    Sir Alex Ferguson – Uniquely, founder Pat and his team of volunteers utilise their contacts to arrange keynote speakers from the international sporting world
  • Roy Keane visits TTBS
  • TTBS welcome Sir Alex Ferguson
  • TTBS Roy Keane


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