Bringing care where there is no cure

The McClay Foundation is involved in a number of local and international initiatives to advance health and wellbeing.

The following project is supporting palliative care through the development of a Centre of Excellence in Nepal.

“There are currently only 2 designated beds for 1.4 million people in Nepal. With the Foundation’s support, we have the opportunity to bring palliative care to 24,000 people for the first time”
EMMS International

Nepal is a very poor country where many live in extreme poverty. Until recently, there were no palliative care services available. Those living with life-threatening illnesses had to suffer with no pain relief or care, often in unbearable pain.

In October 2016, The McClay Foundation was able to support EMMS International in providing the salary and training of the first ever specialist palliative care nurse, as well as funding a needs assessment of palliative care in Nepal.

Photo Gallery

  • Bneficiaries

    The Centre of Excellence will being palliative care to 24,000 people in Nepal for the first time
  • Before

    The Centre of Excellence Site
  • Nurse Manju

    Nurse Manju, the first Palliative Care Specialist nurse in Nepal
  • Nepal--Building-External-McClay2

    Proposed structure of the Palliative Care Centre of Excellence, including excercise equipment allowing patients the space to work on exercises and rehabilitation
  • Every life matters

    Nurse Manju showing every life matters


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